PPA150 Sub

$ 349.00
  • PPA150 Sub

PPA150 Sub

$ 349.00

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This small inconspicuous subwoofer packs a big punch. Mount it on the ceiling or wall for out of the way bass. The PPA150 subwoofer works with all PPA systems. We present a pro-grade wireless speaker for stage and commercial applications; it is a sturdy, dependable solution for small bands, events, restaurants, retail shops, and commercial spaces.

The PPA150 is a low profile and functional subwoofer. It can be used in any configuration as mono or stereo and it is perfect for use in scalable systems.

Pro sound.

The Platin Pro PPA Series speakers are built to handle the toughest environments while delivering exceptional full-bodied sound to large areas without compromise. We deliver the fastest audio on the market – under 6ms is the total fixed latency, compare that to even wired systems and it is tough to beat. A typical wired system has on average 61ms latency (that is 10 times slower than the PPA series) and with Bluetooth at about 224ms matching video needs to be delayed matching the latent audio.

To read more about our PPA systems, please see PPA15, PPA12, PPA8, or PPA6.

    • Aluminum rear plat panel
    • Pro sound
    • Accessories: Class II power cord, User Manual
    • 100W @4ohm power output
    • Global 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz SMPS built in
    • Fixed active crossover
    • Wireless receiver module
    • 1 bi-color LED display
    • Connection: AC power in x1, RCA analogue input x1 (optional)
    • Cabinet: MDF
    • 2 bass tube design
    • Matt painting in Black color
    • driver: 8’’ woofer
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 450mm x 360mm x 155mm


      Platin is on the leading edge when it comes to wireless integration

      Great sound

      Enjoy music the way it was intended – with great sound


      At Platin we care about the state of the world and therefore sustainability is in focus