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$ 499.00

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The PPA12 speaker is a 12’’ speaker for larger forums in need of great sound. The PPA12 is a pro-grade wireless speaker for stage & commercial applications. Sturdy, dependable solution for small bands, events, restaurants, retail shops, and commercial spaces.

Platin Pro’s 12&15’’ speakers are a hit with rental companies, outdoor and live venues. There is no need to bury or buy additional speaker cable when you have already run power to the space.

Flexible movement for different parts of the event allow you to move with less. Adding rear fill easily to a live performance allows for a better listening experience at a lower volume keeping your guests and neighbors happy. Setup is a fraction of the time for passive speakers; it is as easy as plug and play!

The Platin Pro PPA Series speakers are built to handle the toughest environments while delivering exceptional full-bodied sound to large areas without compromise. We deliver the fastest audio on the market – under 6ms is the total fixed latency, compare that to even wired systems and it is tough to beat. A typical wired system has on average 61ms latency (that is 10 times slower than the PPA series) and with Bluetooth at about 224ms matching video needs to be delayed matching the latent audio.

Platin Pro wireless technology is uniquely suited to demanding pro applications. Every channel we transmit is a full 24-bit audio stream at sample rates of either 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz – system selectable on the fly.

With 8 individual audio streams being transmitted on a single network, receiver modules can be configured to accept and output either 1 or 2 audio channels. Any of the 8 transmitted channels can be selected by any receiver, up to 24 receivers in total. Bottom line... any speaker, any source. Flexible!

The PPA12 can be used for scalable systems up to 30 PPA speakers.

    • No speaker wires, easy to install
    • Flexible and expandable
    • Cover multiple zones over large areas
    • Audio in from any source to any zone (via dongle or hub)
    • Does not interfere with other wireless networks
    • Complies with all international wireless regulations
    • AMP 200Wrms @ 4ohm load
    • Internal crossover
    • 2 digits 7-segment LED display
    • Ф3 LED shows link, error, and pairing
    • Paring button
    • Left/Right/Mono settings
    • 3.5mm service port
    • Aluminum rear panel
    • Cabinet: plastic, black
    • 1x 1’’ high compression tweeter, 1x 12’’ woofer
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 635mm x 410mm x 330mm
    • AC switch, figure 8 AC inlet
    • Accessories: Class II power cord, User Manual


Platin is on the leading edge when it comes to wireless integration

Great sound

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